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OGDraw Transcript mapping

Mapping transcript data on organelle genomes

This workflow allows you to map transcript data onto organelle genomes using OGDraw.
First of all you need to provide a file containing the transcript (log fold change) data to OGDraw.
This file should contain the data in a tab delimited format with the gene identifiers in the first
and the expression values in the second column.

Important note: Transcript data must use the same gene names as the GenBank file or accession number,
otherwise the expression values cannot be assigned to the corresponding genes.

Upload your transcript data

Please check this box to activate the demo mode.

An expression data set taken from Walter et al., 2010
will be loaded and the Arabidopsis thaliana plastome
sequence is automatically retrieved from NCBI.
In demo mode you can still modify all display options

Knockout of the plastid RNase E leads to defective RNA processing and chloroplast ribosome deficiency.
Walter M, Piepenburg K, Schöttler MA, Petersen K, Kahlau S, Tiller N, Drechsel O, Weingartner M, Kudla J, Bock R.
Plant J.
(2010) Dec;64(5):851-63.